Single Color Outdoor LED Signs, Single Color Outdoor LED Displays

StreetSmart 17mm

17MM StreetSmart Outdoor LED Sign, AmberThe StreetSmart series of LED signs feature an exposed LED design that provides you with a brighter product and better readability. The StreetSmart 17mm LED sign series is specifically designed to provide highly visible outdoor readability for slower moving or walking traffic.

5-Inch to 22-inch letters, and high display resolution make this series of LED signs ideal for monument applications and lower pylon applications.

35MM StreetSmart Outdoor LED Sign, RedStreetSmart 35mm

The StreetSmart 35mm monocolor LED sign series delivers highly visible outdoor communications along any city or main street. 1-ft. to 4-ft. letters, and medium display resolution make it ideal for pole or monument applications and almost any traffic volume.

Brilliant red or amber LEDs with 256-shades/grayscaling will grab attention and bring more drive-by customers into your business.

17MM Amber StreetSmart

Energy Smart

LED displays are significantly more energy effective than signs using incandescent or florescent bulbs. As solid-state devices, they also provide an extremely long life. LED's also run cooler and at a lower voltage than fluorescent and and incandescent lighting. This translates into reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs for the user.