Outdoor communications options for LED signs

Outdoor LED Sign Communication Options

Wireless Transceiver Communications
Point-to-point wireless communications for LED Signs
A transceiver is a combination transmitter/receiver in a single package. One transciever is installed at your PC and the other at the sign(s). Your messages are transmitted by radio signal.from the transmitter at the sign to the receiver in the sign.

Wireless Ethernet Communications
Wireless network communications allow you to place the transmitting antennae anywhere in your building to improve LoS (line of sight) and to control multiple signs across your network from a single PC. All you need is a data port for your transmitter.

Wireless Wifi Communications
A Wireless LAN is an extension to a wired LAN. WLANs provide most of the functionality of wired LANs, but without the physical constraints or costs of physically installing the wire. Packets of data are converted into radio waves that are sent to other wireless devices or to a wireless access point (WAP) - a device that bridges wireless traffic to a wired network.

Fiber Optic Ethernet to Serial Converter
Data can be transmitted at much greater speeds over fiber optic cable. Optical fiber also improves reliability and performance because fiber does not absorb electrical signals. In addition, fiber allows 2 km, or 6561.68 feet, between stations using multimode fiber. Fiber Optic communications are required for streaming live data to LED signs. Fiber is recommended for transmitting large graphic files.

Color Options versus Single Color Options

Adaptive's StreetSmart monochrome displays can use RS485 (hard-wired) communications, RF Wireless and Ethernet Wireless communications.

Adaptive's Ezview and Excite displays use Wireless Wifi Communications, Wireless Ethernet Communications and Fiber Optic communications.

Ethernet and Fiber communications transmit data at a faster rate. That's why Ezview and Excite displays require some type of ethernet or fiber comunication.

DSL modem and cellular data modems can be used with any outdoor display, enabling you to manage communications from any remote location.