Communications options for indoor LED signs 

One thing is true about all indoor LED signs — you only need to connect to the sign to SEND your message. You don't need to maintain a connection for your messages to appear on the sign. Once you've transmitted the message it's stored in the sign's memory.

RS232 serial communications standard cableStandard Serial Communication - Up to 50 feet
RS232 communications are standard with all indoor LED signs. RS232 communications are limited to a maximum of 50 feet.

Note: Newer model PCs or laptops may not have a serial port. IN that case a USB to Serial Port converter would be required.

RS485 Serial Communication - Up to 4,000 feet
RS485 serial communications convertor box and cableRS485 is used for multipoint communications, allowing more devices to be connected to a single parent cable. The RS232 to RS485 Interface Converter allows information exchange in full duplex mode over two twisted pairs. In short, it "boosts" the RS232 signals to RS485 signals - increasing the overall range of the signal.

Adaptive Ethernet ConvertorEthernet Communications
The Ethernet adaptor allows you to control your LED sign by IP address across your network. Network communications allow you to control multiple signs across your network from a single PC.

Handheld Remote

All Adaptive Indoor LED signs include a handheld, infrared remote control. These remotes can program your sign from a distance of up to 30 feet.

Adaptive handheld remote for LED signs